Throwback for today to our family dog, Ben – a half Labrador, half Lurcher that we got when I was tiny (one of my first memories is him getting very car sick over my favourite Barbie skirt when we picked him up!) Unfortunately he is no longer with us, but he had a fantastic life […]

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Our newest (and tiniest!) recruit! Pippa struggled with walking on her first few walks and didn’t want to get moving, but positive reinforcement is quickly changing that! She’s an incredibly fast learner and we are making lots of progress – the fact that she is beyond adorable definitely helps ??? #dogwalker #dogsitter #dogoftheday #puppy #cockerspaniel

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Meet (a very wet) Freddie! We looked after him and went on lots of wet walks and here’s what his mum had to say about Colliers Woof: Becky looked after our dog while we were on holiday last year. He enjoyed lots of attention, some lovely walks, all in a home from home environment. He

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